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XML feed is a data file that is used to export goods and other supporting information. It is of great use, for example in case of  the data import when you earn money using large and stable shops. However, not all large online shops offer XML feed for their partners, such as GetTheLabel.com and SportsDirect.com. So it’s necessary to respond to changes manually and tediously. But with us, you can have it all automated.

We offer XML feed for the following online shops: SportsDirect.com, MandMDirect.com and GetTheLabel.com.

What XML Feed Allows?

XML feed, in the first place, allows you to automatically update product properties (prices, images, descriptions, colours, sizes and others) and divides products into categories. But it can also contain other useful information. For GetTheLabel.com, MandMDirect.com and SportsDirect.com online shops, the XML feed updates products on daily basis and so ensures full maintenance of the online shop. So if the shop starts sales or action on selected products, you don’t have to worry about anything – the XML feed will do it for you.

Benefits of SportsDirect.com XML Feed

  • more than 75,000 products
  • XML FEED update on daily basis
  • nice SEO URL addresses
  • automatic update of products, prices, images, descriptions, sizes, colours and others..
  • translation into selected language, e.g. in German or French
  • possibility of category selection and filtration of unwanted categories and manufacturers
  • setting the price range of displayed products according to selected parameters
  • filtration of pre-sale and unwanted products
  • setting of margins for individual categories or brands directly in feed as needed
  • loading of SPIN and ZOOM in product’s detail
  • e-mail technical support
  • possibility to create import interface for your online shop
  • possibility to create “turnkey” online shop and ensure quality hosting

SportsDirect.com XML Feed on My online shop?

Contact us about SportsDirect.com XML feed without any obligation. We are happy to answer any questions.

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